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Email: Gautam.M.Puri@gmail.com
Web: www.GautamPuri.com
Book: www.AbaqusPython.com

Work Experience

1) Commercial Work Experience

Current (full-time)

I am a technical specialist at Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corporation. Dassault Systèmes is a multinational company headquartered in France. We develop software tools and provides consulting services to help engineering companies design better products. Our software portfolio includes computer-aided design (CATIA, SolidWorks), simulation (Abaqus), statistics & optimization (Isight), and product lifecycle management software tools.

I work in the consulting and technical sales department, and assist customers in the following ways:

  • I collaborate with them on consulting projects to perform simulations or optimization studies, or write custom software tools to address their specific design challenges
  • I help them explore ways to develop innovations in their products or decrease costs through the use of our physics-based software tools and workflow optimization tools
  • I instruct multi-day training courses to help them understand computer-based simulation, optimization and programming concepts
  • I partner with our sales representatives to showcase the benefits of using our technologies to potential clients

Previous (internship)

I previously worked at Simulia as an student intern in their business development department. One of my accomplishments during this time was creating and maintaining a database of Biotech and Bioengineering conferences. Professionals working in these fields have embraced the finite element method as a great technique to gain insight into biological structures such as bones and tissues, and also to develop devices and implants. I kept track of all relevant conferences which Simulia might consider attending or sponsoring.

At times I also worked with new or prospective customers in the biotech field to demonstrate Abaqus utility or to exchange CAD and FEA models. Here you see me helping a customer bring a 3D scan of a spinal vertebra stored as an STL file into Abaqus.


Simulia embarked on the creation of an online learning community website in 2010 and were keen to have an official tutorial series for their Abaqus and Isight products. One of my tasks/goals was to create this tutorial series.

The tutorials are intended for engineers, researchers and students with little or no prior Abaqus experience, and are meant to bring them up to speed within a short amount of time. The following video welcomes new users to the Abaqus tutorial series.

I created separate tutorial series for Abaqus and Isight. The Abaqus tutorials are enhanced versions of the ones I'd previously developed for my YouTube channel. They consist of screencasts where users can watch my computer screen as I demonstrate various procedures within the Abaqus/CAE environment. These are accompanied by audio narration where I explain the reasoning behind the model setup and various actions performed. I was responsible for the entire development of the tutorial series, from choosing the topics and writing scripts to video and audio editing. I also created the related blog on the SWYM community.

To enhance my own knowledge of Abaqus and to ensure accuracy of the tutorails I attended a number of Simulia training courses from the basic 5 day "Introduction to Abaqus" course to advanced ones such as "Fracture and Failure" and "Modeling Composites". I was also able to avail of internal training videos and documentation.

Each tutorial is preceded by an overview that presents the bigger picture. The following video is an overview of the Static Truss Analysis tutorial.

The rest of each tutorial consists of a screencast. The next video shown here is the screencast of the General Contact tutorial.

The entire tutorial series can be viewed on the Simulia Learning Community website at www.simulia.com/learning/. You will need to create a free login/password to view these. Once logged in you can jump to the Abaqus series using this link. The tutorials are:

  1. Getting Started with Abaqus
  2. Static Analysis of a Truss
  3. Dynamic Explicit Analysis of a Truss
  4. Static Analysis of a 3D Beam Frame
  5. Planar Shell (Plate) Analysis
  6. Heat Transfer Analysis
  7. Modeling Contact (Contact Pairs Method)
  8. Modeling Contact (General Contact Method)
  9. Tie Constraints (Sandwich Structure Example)
  10. Material Plasticity and Restart Analysis

I created a similar tutorial series for the optimization software Isight. It can be accessed using this link. The videos are:

  1. An Introduction to Isight (Part 1)
  2. An Introduction to Isight (Part 2) - Excel component
  3. An Introduction to Isight (Part 3) - Mapping Parameters
  4. An Introduction to Isight (Part 4) - Design of Experiments
  5. An Introduction to Isight (Part 5) - Optimization
  6. An Introduction to Isight (Part 6) - Monte Carlo Simulations
  7. An Introduction to Isight (Part 7) - Matlab and Calculator Components

I also worked on the user manual for the online communities. An early version of this guide developed by me can be downloaded here (pdf version). I helped draft some of the emails to inform clients on the Simulia mailing list of the new community and what it had to offer.

2) Research Work Experience - My research work experience is described on the "Research" page.

3) Academic Work Experience

My academic work experience consists of working as a teaching assistant for the Airplane Design I and II courses for 4 semesters and the High Speed Aerodynamics course for 1 semester. My duties as a teaching assistant supervising lab sessions, providing assistance to students during office hours, and grading projects, presentations and assignments.

Dates of employment were

  • Teaching Assistant for Airplane Design II (AE 4351) (Jan 2012 - present)
  • Teaching Assistant for High Speed Aerodynamics (AE3021) (Aug - Dec 2011)
  • Teaching Assistant for Airplane Design I & II (AE4350 + AE4351) (Aug 2009- Dec 2010)