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Email: Gautam.M.Puri@gmail.com
Web: www.GautamPuri.com
Book: www.AbaqusPython.com

Hello and welcome to my personal website.

I originally created this site as an extended resume while searching for jobs after graduation. I now work at Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp. (previously Abaqus Inc). Much of what I do needs to remain confidential so a lot of the information on this website dates back to my college days . But you'll get a good idea of my background, skills and interests, so feel free to stick around.

I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2012 and received my Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. I also have Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

My focus areas were:
a) Computer-aided engineering - CAD, computational mechanics (FEA), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
b) Aerodynamics
c) Robotics and machine-vision

My interests as an engineer lie in product design, simulation (FEA / CFD) and testing.

My interests outside of work are in software development. I like to tinker with software ideas and have spent the last few years learning various programming languages and web development technologies. I also tend to read a lot of entrepreneurship blogs.

When I'm not being a nerd, I enjoy hiking, backpacking and travelling.

I don't particularly enjoy talking about myself so I'll stop here.

Happy browsing!
Gautam Puri

M.S. Aerospace Engineering
B.S. Aerospace Engineering
B.S. Mechanical Engineering


If you're looking for my book "Python Scripts for Abaqus - Learn by Example" you can find it at : www.AbaqusPython.com (opens in new window). You can download a preview of the book on that site. You will also find my Abaqus tutorial videos and links to the YouTube channel and SIMULIA Learning Community pages.

Read my book interview with Rene Sprunger, Business Development Manager at SIMULIA here.